1. To promote the creation of a University Studies Centre in la Garriga, devoted firstly to permanent training and doctorate studies, in the following areas:
    • Historical, cultural and natural heritage
    • Scientific update in all areas of knowledge
    • Popularization of  heritage and  knowledge
    • Research and teaching in the areas of civic participation and new technologies applied to Education
  2. To organize University Extension Classroom Programs
  3. To organize Permanent Training Courses, adapted to the needs of institutions, associations and companies
  4. To edit publications in different Supports.
  5. To organize Spanish and Catalan Courses for Foreigners
  6. To organize Language Courses

These objectives are to be attained following these axes of intervention:

  • To bring knowledge and University closer to the society (through training, research, and popularization programs)
  • In-House training, according to the concrete needs of the society
  • Networking: promoting co-operation and facilitating the relationship between University, society and local administration.
  • To serve the persons individually giving support to people and associations with values and goals similar to those of the FUMH.

Its ties with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB), and its constant collaboration with other universities and institutions contributes to increase the quality, rigour and innovation of its programs and projects.