Training for Companies
In-house with more than 180 National and International Companies.

Intergenerational Learning. Weekly conferences of University Professors lecturing about different subjects.

Training Programs
Training Programs for the general public, designed answering the proposals or demands of the society. Some of them include: Musical Culture, Classical (Greek and Latin) Culture, Cultural Trips…
There are also courses that answer the proposals of young people: Multicultural Cooking, Home-style Beer Brewing, etc.

Training for Teachers
This area is specifically addressed to the younger teachers. 70% of their members are aged under 30. The courses include Summer courses (with around  170 students) , monthly meetings where they debate and reflect on educational questions, and other courses.

Learning Space for Foreign Students
The students we are working with are aged 18 to 30.
The FUMH is collaborating with Universities (especially the UAB) in order to offer the possibility of organizing courses, meetings and conferences with the FUMH, for graduate and post-graduate students.
Act in”: Training programs to improve the knowledge of foreign languages in specific professional contexts.

University Forum of the FUMH
The University Forum is a Meeting Point for debating, picking up ideas and putting them in order in order to help us to add to a better coexistence, and to increase the democracy education that we all want to improve.